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    Bradley Whitford (born October 10, 1959) is an American actor and political activist. First, I had to come up with a way to describe what I do for a living.

    Piltdown man dating method

    The purpose of this pamphlet is to summarize the evidence that shows that: This scientific evidence for both models can be taught in public schools without any mention of religious doctrine, whether the Bible or the Humanist Manifesto.

    There are text materials and teacher handbooks that have been prepared for a fair presentation of both models, creation and evolution.

    The Scopes Trial, commonly referred to as the Scopes Evolution Trial or the Scopes Monkey trial, began on July 10th, 1925.

    The defendant, John Thomas Scopes, was a high school coach and substitute teacher who had been charged with violating the Butler Act by teaching the theory of evolution in his classes.

    As I am ever mentioning, the advances of science are constantly giving us a clearer view of the past even causing Mythology to become History as with the Trojan Wars, the legendary Helen of Troy, and the Trojan Horse. People enamored of my mythic art have asked me why I believe the Bible is the world's greatest book and aside from my controversial belief that the literal translation prepared from the Greek and Hebrew for the King James version was secretly re-written in perfect grammatical English by Shakespeare, here are my thoughts on and some illustrations from this, easily the most influential collection of sacred writings of all time to Western Civilization..."" In the last half of the 18th century the French philosopher and infidel Voltaire made the prediction that within 100 years the Bible and all Christianity would be completely forgotten.

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    One excellent example is in what the Bible says about Abraham.The scientific model of evolution, in summary, includes the scientific evidence for a gradual emergence of present life kinds over aeons of time, with emergence of complex and diversified kinds of life from simpler kinds and ultimately from nonliving matter.The creation model questions vertical evolution, which is the emergence of complex from simple and change between kinds, but it does not challenge what is often called horizontal evolution or microevolution, which creationists call genetic variation or species or subspecies formation within created kinds.Both the prosecuting attorney and Scopes’ defense attorney were charismatic men and drew significant attention to the case, which for the defense was more about defeating the Butler Act then about defending Scopes.Scopes was found guilty and charged a fine of 0, but the verdict was thrown out on a technicality on an appeal.

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